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Extremely detailed self-sufficient Nghe An travel experience from A – Z

Forget the familiar names like Ha Giang or Da Lat! Because having a place to stop is no less than just that you don’t know yet. That is Nghe An, where there are dazzling nursing fields, beautiful beautiful beaches. Let Lữ hành Sài Gòn Củ Chi flip the secret book containing Nghe An travel experience in detail with teeth


The ideal time to travel to Nghe An

Large Nghe An province has many beautiful scenes captivated people. Du lịch Nghệ An  in every season of the year, visitors can discover a unique beauty of this land. Coming to Nghe An in the summer brings a great experience for those who want to enjoy the cool water at pristine beaches. From March to April or November to December is the time when sunflowers bloom, Nghe An again fascinates visitors with the bright yellow of the vast sunflower field.

Attractive places to visit in Nghe An

Sunflower field, Nghia Dan

Sunflower field of more than 100 hectares is located on 19/5 farm, Nghia Son commune, Nghia Dan district, Nghe An province. Located close to Ho Chi Minh road, every flower season, when the immense field of flowers blooms, this place becomes an interesting stop for young people who want to discover the radiant beauty and purity of the flowers. Sun.

Cánh đồng hoa hướng dương, Nghĩa Đàn

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There are 2 seasons for sunflowers in March – April and November – December. To come to Nghe An sunflower field, if you start in Hanoi, you only need about 1 day for the whole trip, both to and to see, take photos with flowers, so you absolutely can take this place in His weekend entertainment list to change the atmosphere.

Tea Island in Thanh Chuong district

Western Nghe An is famous for its hot and harsh climate. Coming here, you will have to shout in surprise and delight at the beautiful natural scenery, covering the space is a vibrant green, blue, blue and tea … The peaceful and poetic scene makes us Relax the soul.

The road to tea island is located along Ho Chi Minh road. Through Thanh An and Thanh Chuong communes, you move about 200 meters to the tea island. The means to visit the tea islands are boats or motor boats. A boat carrying up to four guests with full life buoy is priced from 100,000-150,000 VND in one session.

Đảo Chè

The air is fresh and cool, the green terraced Thanh An tea island is not inferior to the famous tea growing areas such as Moc Chau, Thai Nguyen and Bao Loc tea hills …

Pu Mat National Forest

Pu Mat National Forest is located on the administrative boundaries of three districts: Anh Son, Con Cuong, and Tuong Duong of Nghe An province, a famous natural conservation area with rich flora and fauna and large area. Coming here, visitors are bathed in the space of exotic and wild nature such as boating on the river, visiting Pha Lai dam, Khe Kem waterfall, enjoying folk dishes such as blue rice, cool fish of the Giang River. Dan Lai ethnic group. Especially on hot days, coming to Pu Mat primeval forest is like getting lost in the cold land of Sapa or Da Lat of the Central.

Rừng quốc gia Pù Mát

Cua Lo Beach

Cua Lo Beach is located in Cua Lo Town, about 16km from Vinh City and more than 300km from Hanoi. Cua Lo beach was discovered and put into use as a resort by the French in 1907, but in the 2000s, this resort really attracted a large number of tourists. Cua Lo Beach is wide, fine sand, the waves are not too big and the service is quite pleasant.

Biển Cửa Lò

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Kim Lien – Nam Dan

Coming to Nghe An, you will think immediately and wish to go to Nam Dan, Ho Chi Minh’s homeland to admire, feel about the beauty of the mountains and rivers, listen to the melody of miles, artifacts associated with the homeland his family, his family, his childhood. The Kim Lien cultural and historical complex includes the homeland, the motherland, the tomb of Ms. Hoang Thi Loan, the mother of President Ho Chi Minh on Dai Hue Mountain, and the Mount Chung relic in the shape of a king associated with the relics. other typical examples of Nam Dan such as King Mai temple, Phan Boi Chau memorial house.

Quynh Beach

Bien Quynh is actually not the name of a beach but a common noun for 7 adjacent beaches of 7 communes in Quynh Luu district and Hoang Mai town. These beaches are named Quynh Phuong, Quynh Lien, Quynh Bang, Quynh Luong, Quynh Minh, Quynh Nghia and Tien Thuy located 65km from Vinh City.

Quynh Phuong Beach is associated with Chess Temple – one of the 4 most sacred temples in Nghe An. Quynh Lien and Quynh Bang “spoiled” visitors with light sand and moderate waves.

Biển Quỳnh

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Waterfall populations in Que Phong

The waterfall complex in Que Phong district is more than 170 km northwest of Vinh city, bringing together the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in the western region of Nghe An. The waterfall system extends from Sao Va waterfall (Tien Phong commune) to the area of ​​Hanh Dich commune stretching for tens of kilometers.

Not far from Sao Va waterfall is Hua Muong village (Hanh Dich commune) where has a 7-storey waterfall complex with rocky beaches stretching along terraced fields. Next to the waterfall is the ancient Thai village Hua Muong. The old wooden tiled stilt houses are very attractive to visitors. Brocade weaving, weaving or traditional dishes of indigenous people still exist in this small village.

Lanzhou Island

Lan Chau Island is located close to Cua Lo Beach, locals call it Roc, because the island is shaped like a giant toad reaching out to the sea. Lan Chau Island with special terrain has divided Cua Lo beach into two separate areas. At this island, at high tide, you will witness all the island legs are sinking under the sea. At low tide, the western part of Lanzhou island connects with the mainland to form a peninsula. On the east side of the island there are cliffs stretching out to the sea. With the erosion of time by wind and waves, these stones have created interesting shapes.

Kinh nghiệm du lịch Cửa Lò Nghệ An, ăn ở, địa điểm vui chơi

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On the top of Lan Chau Island, visitors can visit the throne room of Bao Dai King. This is the first tourist attraction to visit when setting foot on the island. From here you can enjoy a panoramic view of the town and Cua Lo port from above.

Hon Ngu Island

Long mentioning of the islands in the Central, we often think of Ly Son Island, Cu Lao Cham, Ky Co (belonging to Nhon Ly Island) as a paradise for those who want to stay away from the city haze. However, few people know that in the windy land of Nghe An, there is an island with a strange name – Hon Ngu Island.

Hon Ngu Island is located off the coast of Nghe An province, only 4 km from Cua Lo beach, including 2 islands: the big island is 133 m high and the small island is 88 m high above the sea. Due to the location of the two islands close to each other, people also call them the familiar name of Pisces. Transportation to the island can be by boat or canoe with prices ranging from 180,000 VND / person, from Lan Chau island harbor or Cua Lo beach.

Đảo Hòn Ngư

Although still quite private, but Hon Ngu Island also brings its own pristine beauty that any visitor is impressed at first sight. You will be very surprised when Hon Ngu Island owns a rocky beach of many kilometers in length, which has been eroded by sea water over time, making them smooth and round with many different sizes. For those who like to take live photos, the gravel beach or the jetty is a point you should not miss.

Here you can also trekking around the island to enjoy the fresh, cool sea breeze. Then turn to the west of the island where there is Ngu Pagoda (Bai Chua) – an ancient temple built in the 13th century including Thuong pagoda, Ha pagoda full of green trees. The special thing inside the temple yard is that there is Ngoc Well (or Gieng Than), this is the only point on the island that has fresh water and never runs out.

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These delicious dishes cannot be missed when coming to Nghe An

Eel porridge

Nghe An eel porridge does not stir-fry eel to hunt like eel porridge in Hanoi. The bowl of porridge scooped out the green point of the green onion leaves, just looking at it was enough to attract attention.

Clam porridge

An interesting dish of Cua Lo at night for visitors. Clam porridge provides more protein, invigorates after a tired sightseeing day. The light aroma of rice mingles with the natural sweetness of clams, combined with the aroma of herbs to create a nutritious and elegant dish.

Kinh nghiệm du lịch Cửa Lò Nghệ An, ăn ở, địa điểm vui chơi

Mussel pancake

This is a familiar drink when friends meet of Nghe people. The mussel served must be the mussels treated from the fat and clean Lam river and then fried with fat. The crunchy pieces of Do Luong crunchy cake will now turn into spoons for us to leisurely touch the delicious mussels and feel the sweet, aromatic, spicy, fleshy and fatty taste.

Smooth cake

It looks like rolls in the North, but it has a very unique flavor … The main material for making cakes is glutinous rice, pureed into flour, soaked before being coated. Cake after making will be tough and smooth. This smoothie can be eaten with grilled meat, silk rolls … This is a delicious breakfast dish that is loved by many people.

Potato skewers

Xeo potato is a typical rustic dish that is closely associated with so many children of Nghe. To make a slanted potato, after harvesting, people choose the most delicious potatoes, the most flour and then washed, then sliced ​​thinly and dried until crispy dried potatoes, put in jar jar, cover and to eat gradually.

Growing crabs

People processed crab tanks quite sophisticatedly, meticulously from the stage of removing meat to marinating and then processing into “famous” dishes. Cua Cua crab grow properly “standard” to plug the legs of boiled crab tomorrow like live crabs. The attractive aroma of crabs, meats, onions, and spices together is enough to make you remember even once.

Kinh nghiệm du lịch Cửa Lò Nghệ An, ăn ở, địa điểm vui chơi

Squid mixed with grapefruit

Squid grapefruit and squid is the most interesting dish of all the delicious dishes made from squid. This dish is a specialty used for eating after long days of visiting, bathing in Cua Lo beach. Chefs must skillfully choose delicious grapefruit and meticulously process to create this very strange, attractive dish.

Porridge soup

This is a famous specialty of Vinh city that visitors should taste. The main material for making soup dough is wheat flour, after kneading it very finely, rolling it into dough and cutting it into small balls. The highlight of the soup is in broth. The broth is simmered from the bones to create a mild sweetness, in the broth will add a little perilla, a little bruise and dry onions.

Sweet Cake

Sweet cake, also known as honey cake, is a rustic specialty of the people of Nghe. Slice a piece of golden cake into your mouth, the sweetness of molasses, the sticky of sticky rice and fragrant ginger aroma will appeal to you right from the first try.


If leaving Cua Lo but not enjoying dishes prepared from cobia, it seems that you have not really come to this beach country. Cobia is an “emerging” specialty of Cua Lo in recent years. Despite looking quite “aggressive” shape, but when through the hands of a cook, this type of fish turns into 7 attractive dishes such as: fish salad, steamed lemongrass fish, stir-fried fish heart, fish hotpot, fish porridge, fin Fried fish, delicious fried fish skin delicacy.

Kinh nghiệm du lịch Cửa Lò Nghệ An, ăn ở, địa điểm vui chơi

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