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Buy Asahi Tower to reserve and get the price to sell?

This plan is quite good but you need to specify a reasonable time for taking profits.

  • With Asahi Tower project with the planning of the area, in my opinion 2-4 years is the most beautiful to resell.
  • At that time, the plans of this area were preliminary formed, so it was resold at that time (except in case the market fell too, keep it to exploit to see how).
  • Can be combined with bank loans to buy in this option, but should not borrow with interest rates higher than the expected price increase of the apartment (the beautiful expectation is to increase on average more than 12% per year for 3 years top).

Unreasonable timing of profit taking will make it difficult for your apartment to resell, along with the profit will not achieve as expected. With this investment plan, you need to be alert and watch the market, and take profits when you feel enough.

Buy Asahi Tower to reserve and get the price to sell?

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